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How May We Serve You?

If you, or a family member have been diagnosed with cancer, are receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatments for cancer, we know how difficult it can be to take care of the day to day needs of yourself or your loved one.  A diagnosis of cancer often adds more things to your “to do” list, not to mention the emotional roller coaster it puts you on.  Everything gets put on hold, and life as you knew it, comes to a screeching halt!

You need a “maid to bless”.

Simply complete our online application.  After you submit your application,  you will receive a form to be signed by your physician verifying current treatment for your cancer.  Services will include one full-service clean, once a month for 4 months.  After approval of your application, we will contact you and set up an appointment for a cleaning consultation from the professional cleaning services company It’s Maid Up.

Submit a patient application online.